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Why Most People Don't Know What They Want (So Never Get It!)

Think about it.

If I asked you now "What would your life need to look like for you to say that you are living your dreams?" how difficult or easy would it be for you to answer that?

How clear are you on what you want?

The reason why this is so important to know what you want in life is that unless you do, you're very unlikely to ever get it!

Here are the main reasons why most people - and possibly you - aren't clear on what they want, and therefore rarely get what they want.

You've never thought about it because you experience life as a bystander - life happens 'to' youYou don't think it's possible for you to have it anyway so what's the point in thinking about itYou think that your dreams are too big to happen and you should just keep your head down, be more realistic and just get on with thingsYou think it's selfish, bad or wrong to want something good for yourselfYou don't know HOW it could happen so you give up before you've even startedYou are afraid to get excited about something and then end up being disappointed if it doesn't happen so you live in a perpetual state of disappointment insteadYou don't think you deserve itYou don't love yourself enough to think that it's OK for you to have itYou think that we live in a limited universe where there simply isn't enough for everybody, so it's responsible (or even spiritual) to go without

You buy into the limitations of those around you, and the media, e.g.

"It's recession and people don't have money""That'll never work because... ""It's not that easy, because... "

Remember that often the people who shoot down your ideas are frustrated themselves that they've not been able to create their dreams and may have given up on their own dreams!

You are afraid of failing, or getting it wrong, or looking like a fool, or being ridiculed, or laughed at. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we here have the classic "What if?""What if I fail?""What if people think I'm stupid?""What if I get rejected?""What if [... fill in the blank... ]?"

The classic 'if/then' scenario, where you are waiting for things to be perfect

"If I have more time, then I'll do it... ""If I have more money, then I'll do it... ""If the economy picks up, then... ""If I get that new job, [car, partner,... fill in the blank... ] then... "

Usually, of course, 'then' never comes.

The classic 'YES/BUT' argument, guaranteed to kill any dream:"Yes but I don't know enough!""Yes but I don't have enough time!""Yes but I don't have the right qualification, or enough experience!""Yes but [... fill in the blank... ]

The only problem with all of these limitations is that if you insist on them, you'll get to be right.

If you tell yourself that you cannot succeed because you don't have enough experience, you'll get to be right.

If you insist that you cannot do what you love for a living because there's not enough money in it, you'll get to be right.

If you insist that people don't have money, or won't want to pay you for what you have to offer, you'll get to be right.

And as we all know, the best part of being right is, of course, being able to say afterwards "See, I TOLD you so!"

It's OK to argue for your limitations (you always have free choice) - but recognise that won't get to be right because "that is the way it is"; you'll get to be right because you would have created it so.

It's not that reality creates beliefs, it's that beliefs create reality.

As Neville says 'Experience has convinced me that an assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact."


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